Bowning Public School

Quality teaching and learning, opportunity and success.

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About our school

Our school creates a high achieving, comfortable and supportive learning environment that enjoys the full support of the parents and community in all that we do. 

Our students are encouraged to be self-motivated, highly driven, proud participants in their schooling, and in every day life.  Through the education and nurturing of the whole child, our students develop a love of learning that lasts a lifetime, accompanied by key skills that enable them to succeed in their future schooling and work careers.  Our school is the hub of the community; it is respected, highly regarded and flourishing.

Our students, staff and community enjoy a close-knit, friendly and caring environment which upholds the values of Safe, Respectful, Responsible Learners.  Our school is proud to maintain a positive reputation within the community for public speaking, sport, student behaviour and the commitment of the teaching and SASS staff to the wellbeing and development of our students and their community.  The school benefits from being part of a collegial network of local schools through which schools deliver joint programs, students share educational opportunities, and teachers participate in collaborative professional learning.

This school's purpose is to provide an education which is: relevant to the needs and aspirations of all students; is responsive to community expectations; achieves high quality education programs using resources efficiently. Our school seeks to ensure parents have a clear picture of students' performance and developmental requirements in all areas. Parents are welcome to participate in all aspects of their children's' schooling and can be involved in as many or as few ways as they choose. Our school provides a program of cultural enrichment, encouraging as many children as possible to participate to broaden their aspirations and horizons. Bowning School was established in 1849 and has been a focal point for the community throughout its history.